Basic Rider Course

The one of the things I wanted to try was to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I missed enrolling the class last year since they were all full. Learning the all the basics in three days sound pretty tough, and it was. Between 2003/07/18 and 20, I attended the class and here is my note...

Name: MSF (Motor Safety Foundation) certified the Basic Rider Course. I used MSTI (Motorcycle Safety Training, Inc.), which operation is based in Wichita, KS.

Cost: $175.00

Class Format: Three days; One evening classroom session, two day outdoor / in-class sessions

Place: Butler County Community College at El Dorado (30~40miles to East of Wichita, about 50minutes drive by using Kansas Turnpike)


7/18 (Day 1) 5:45pm-9:30pm

    I took me to 1 hour to get to El Dorado via Kansas turnpike. Since the class will last until 9:30pm, I thought it would be a good idea to grab something to eat, so I stopped by at MacDonald's and took food to the class. However, since the BCCC installed a brand new carpeting in the room so I could not bring food or drink in the classroom. I ate the food at hallway in about 10 minutes.

11 people enrolled, I was thinking there will be a bunch of high school kids to be there but there was none of them, All of them are college student or people who already have jobs. We started the class with introducing each other by interviewing to the people in the same table. Then we have filled out a form which works as a waiver for the test required to get endorsement for motorcycle.

We moved on the textbook. We have discussed what kinds of motorcycles are available on the market, what to wear, and positioning on the road. One of the greatest thing in the modern days technologies is the video. We watched silly one. It's so silly and I hesitated to laugh. However the video covered all the important points...

Before the class dismissed, we are given sign language instructions such as stop, speed up, slow down and so on... (So we don't kill instructors by mistake...)

7/19 (Day 2) 7:00am-5:00pm

I woke up at 5:00am, The class was scheduled to start from 8:00am at beginning but we worried it is going to be too hot to be outside during the day so we decided to start the class one hour early. I arrived at the parking lot at 6:40am, I get to see the motorcycles they have. Most of them had few scratches and dents (from previous classes) but looks almost new. With no license place and mirrors, they are not street legal, but we practice on the parking lot anyway.

First I was assigned to a dual purpose bike from Yamaha, but gave me too much problems. So instructor game me a different one which is a Honda Nighthawk. It served me a lot better and  became my bike for the rest of the training.

Before the starting the engine, we have learned the locations of buttons, levers and switches. Then we moved on to the practice range.

During the first day, we practiced basic stuffs - Clutch operation, Power walk, straight line, gear shift, emergency braking, swerving, pose, turns

  1. Rolling
  2. Power walk
  3. Straight line
  4. 90 degrees turn at corner
  5. posing
  6. clutch control
  7. brake
  8. turning
  9. swearing
  10. emergency stop

After spending whole morning and my leg muscle and left hand are in pain. We called it good. Instructor let us ride up to garage for storage. We get our lunch break and the classroom session began. More video, textbook covered them all. The situation video helped a lot

7/20 (Day 3) 7:00am-5:00pm

Warm ups, then learned how to do U-turns, S-turns, Swerving, Cornering.

  1. 90degrees turn, two U-turns, S-curve
  2. 90degrees turn, 135 degrees turn

Practiced more skills, including going over obstacles, emergency swiveling

Early lunch break from 10:45am for about one hour, then the skill check started!

Skill Tests - 90degrees turn, two u-turns, emergency swerve, emergency stopping, cornering

  1. 90 Degrees left turn, two U-turns, emergency swerve
  2. Emergency stopping
  3. 90degrees right turn, 135degrees right turn

Everybody passed the test for the first time and we loaded bike into van. At the time, the sun started shiny so everybody was sweating very bad. It took us about half hour to finish loading and strapping them in a right place.

We have watched one more video about group riding. Which is a skill I might do in the future.

After a intended review, the test was given.

Written Test. Multiple choice and you need to pick one out of three. I got 100% on the written test and I have won goodies...

At the end, all participants received certificate, rule book for Kansas, and a pair of reflective sticker which goes to back of helmet.

Materials we get for the class the five clip looking things are the goodies I was awarded for earning 100% on written exam

Happy Kosuke who got a taste of fun riding on motorcycle!

Overall, this is one of a kind experience. Although I cannot transfer the license from the U.S. to Japan, but it was worth spending $175.00 for this much fun! The benefit from this course is not only to learn how to ride motorcycle safe, but you don't have to take test to get M endorsement (which is for motorcycle) and 10~15% discount of your insurance. I should get my voucher (I forgot what form was it) in about two to three weeks, then I get my new drivers license.

Form DE-99

Last updated on 2003/07/21

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